Marvel Strike Force – a completely subjective sort of announcement analysis

Role-Playing Video games and mobile programs are by custom, a match made in heaven. Think perfect partnerships, such as fish ‘n chips, Fry and Laurie or people who enjoy pineapple on pizza being tossed into a nearby volcano. The genre in its traditional form works perfectly over a tablet or cellphone, as its slower speed and much more methodical nature of creating up clubs to tackle the unknown will have any lover swiping for hours on end.

You’ll find plenty of games of this ilk available right now, free of charge. Final Fantasy Daring Exvius reigns supreme, as will EA’s Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes. Well store your butts, because a new challenger is here, boasting Earth’s mightest mortals locking horns with a multiversal risk that’ll push heroes and villains to group together to save lots of the day.

Marvel Strike Force Cheats is its name, and using squad practices in rapid-fire showdowns is its game. Developed by new kid on the market FoxNext, Marvel Strike Force Cheats manages to discover a fantastic balance within its most important themes. They’re not difficult on the surface: Assemble your team, battle through levels and use the rewards tossed at you after every bout to increase your power.

Easy enough, right? The added complexness in Marvel Strike Force Cheats for growing your team then, lays within its dichotomy between hero and villain. Heroes earn rewards which villains need to increase their own bottom power and vice versa. You will be ping-ponging between your two campaigns, nabbing assets to develop the other aspect and finding that higher-tier equipment requires even more technical recipes and combinations to improve your roster.

That’s the key rub of Marvel Strike Force, as it performs on impatience. Heroes and villains are limited, their forces bolstered mainly by minions from SHIELD, HYDRA and the Hands as unlocking higher classes and tiers of evil-smashers rests on your ability to acquire shards of these iconic personas. As time passes and practice, you can eventually earn warriors such as Thor and Nebula to your side, or you could shortcut the entire process and whip out the Infinity BANK CARD. It’s up to you.

In the end, Marvel Strike Force may be free but it does need to make some money. While you’ll never be pressured to spend your cash, the option will there be, ready and waiting. With that said, the F2P title does at least give you a great deal of content. The plan mode fights that rely on strategies and growth soon cave in to Blitz bouts against groups of other players, Alliance Raids test thoroughly your mettle and daily issues dole out plenty of rewards.

Marvel Strike Force is also one of the best-looking game titles on the market, thanks to some slick visuals and personality animations which blend supporter service with kinetic action. Also, rag doll physics which always leave me chuckling. The key takeaway here, is the fact Marvel Strike Force seems well balanced. It’s addictive and deep, easy to learn and amazing to understand when its more complex mechanics are evaluated.

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