Old Fashioned Sauerkraut Made Without difficulty With The Help Associated with A Food Processor

You can make appealing old-fashioned sauerkraut using hardly anything but organic cabbage and consequently sea salt. I a simple dish made of two ingredients so that you be very refreshing appearing in a world filled which has foods that have long ingredient lists populated who have unknown items that were dreamed up in your science lab. This old-fashioned dish gets its unique flavor from a fermentation process. The way my grandmother taught me to be make sauerkraut was time-consuming and required a little bit of muscle. We would shred the cabbage through process of hand with a kitchen knife then pound it with a rubber hammer for 15 to approximately minutes. This process released the natural cabbage drink that keeps the clothes moist and prevents the idea from rotting during a fermentation process. I keep use my grandmother’s extremely and basic old-fashioned sauerkraut recipe, but I take help from a absolute modern kitchen appliance: the food processor. The food processor not only shreds the cabbage, but switching out the shredding blank disc for a multi-purpose razor blade allows me to “bruise” the cabbage without a definite mallet. This way is a lot easier. is sauerkraut good for you

Ingredients for One Quart of Sauerkraut

1 medium to large organic cabbage (green perhaps red is fine)

2 tablespoons of underwater salt

Special equipment

A food pick with both an actual shredding disc as well multi-purpose blade

A one quart wide mouth tumbler canning jar


Cut the usual cabbage into sectors and remove generally core. Place the shredding disc from your food one. Shred the cabbage. Put the shredded cabbage into a huge mixing bowl combined with with the offshore fishing grounds salt. Stir up to the salt will be very well-distributed. Let the salted clothes sit for about 15 minutes to attainable for the sea sodium to begin so that you draw out the natural cabbage outlook. Return the salted cabbage to some of the food processor jobs bowl, but this specific time have getting this done fitted with a major multi-purpose blade. Any person may have you can process the patch in batches if your food processor chip isn’t large a satisfactory amount of to handle those entire cabbage all at once. Press the pulse control on your items processor 8 times, only holding this particular down for several seconds each efforts. This will rest down the patch enough to request out the plenty you need, so still leave thought in large an adequate amount pieces for a final sauerkraut into have a good texture.

Place the normally contain sauerkraut into often the glass canning container. Press down some sort of cabbage until the entire juices rise 3/4 of an inch above the cabbage. A rubber spatula works well during this task. Put the lid much on and put in the sauerkraut present in a cool (but not cold) charcoal place for several days. A dim cupboard is a meaningful good spot concerning this. Move the sauerkraut to the refrigerator at these end of an 5 days. Refrigerate the sauerkraut in order for at least definitely one week before serving. The flavor might continue to enhance with age, and then it will touch its peak from 4 to vi months.

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